Mysterious Machines, Part 1

Mysterious Machines, Part 1

Submitted by Hermosa Brown on December 5, 2017

It had been a normal Friday until I came home from work. I unlocked the door to my apartment, opened it and went inside. Immediately, I saw that things were not right. In the middle of my living room was a strange piece of equipment. I had not ordered anything, and I hadn’t given anyone permission to enter my apartment either.

I walked back to my door and looked at it. There was no sign of forced entry, and if whoever had brought the strange thing that was sitting where my coffee table had once stood, they would have taken something, not brought something. While my coffee table had been moved, it was still in my house. I walked from room to room looking to see if anything else was different, but nothing else had been touched. And, it appeared that whomever had put the thing in my living room had used a key. I wondered if maybe the landlord had allowed someone admittance, but to the wrong apartment.

 I decided to watch the bulletin board in our lobby to see if any sort of notice appeared. In the meantime, I was curious about what was sitting in my living room. It wasn’t in a box and appeared to be fully set up. On top of the item that looked like a swinging table was a piece of paper. I picked it up and began to read. I learned that the strange item I was looking at was an inversion table and the paper also explained how to use it. There was still no clue of how it had ended up in my living room.

I’m not one for much exercise. I’m not saying that exercise is bad, I simply have never managed to make it a part of my routine. I have a lot of bad habits, I know. For one, I’m overweight and enjoy junk food far too much. A typical day for me is heading off to work where I’m a mattress tester. This is an amazing job. I get to sleep and relax a lot at work. But before you go out and apply to be one too, you’ve got to know, that there is also a lot of paperwork that goes with the job. I need to fill out detailed reports on all the mattresses I test. I do this at my desk after I test each mattress because I don’t want to mix up any of them. I’m thirty-four years old and have been doing this job for ten years.

When I get home, I usually make myself a cup of sugar and open a bag of chips or popcorn to snack on while I watch something on television. Often, I order take out and then eat it in front of the TV, and then I head off to bed. The next morning, I start the same routine over again. On the weekends, I usually binge watch on television shows. I don’t have many friends, am shy and between my less than beautiful physique and my shyness, it is hard to attract a boyfriend.

End of Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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